Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using the site www.eugenpopa.com you agree and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and the documents that complete it described below. Please read this information carefully before using this site or placing an order.


The website www.eugenpopa.com, hereinafter referred to as “www.eugenpopa.com”, is owned and administered by Pro Success, 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, DE 19958.


Browsing the website www.eugenpopa.com followed or not by the Order is equivalent to reading, understanding and accepting the terms below by any Customer.


www.eugenpopa.com reserves the right to change and update at any time the content of this site, as well as the Terms and Conditions of use, without any prior notice.


In case of divergence or misunderstandings between www.eugenpopa.com and the Client, the Terms and Conditions valid at the time of the Order will be applied.


Access to the Services offered through this site will be allowed only after accepting the conditions of use established by this Document and the conditions provided in the documents that complete it:


  • Protection of personal data


  • Cookie use policy


  • Policy for the use of comments, reviews, testimonials and evaluations


  1. Definitions


User – any person who visits the site www.eugenpopa.com.


Customer – natural person / legal entity that places an Order.


Products and Services – any product or service mentioned in the Order, to be provided by the Seller, the Customer.


Order – an electronic document that intervenes as a form of communication between the Seller and the Customer through which the Customer expresses his intention to purchase certain Products and Services and to make their payment.


Seller – Pro Success 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, DE 19958


Contract – an Order confirmed by the Seller, by which the Seller agrees to sell and deliver the Products and Services and the Customer agrees to purchase, receive and pay for these Products and Services.


Courier – any person under public or private law who provides express courier services.


2.Intellectual Property Rights


The content of the site www.eugenpopa.com: images, texts, web graphics, scripts, software, design rights, model rights, patents, trademarks, is wholly owned by Pro Success and is protected by copyright law and related rights and intellectual and industrial property laws. The use without the consent of the Romanian Hypnosis Association of any of the elements listed above is punished according to the legislation in force.


Pro Success may offer the User / Client, through an agreement, the right to use in a described form, a certain content of the site. This agreement applies strictly to the content / contents defined, for a period established in the agreement and only to the person / persons who were allowed to use these contents, without being able to use other contents of the site www.eugenpopa.com.


The use on www.eugenpopa.com of any registered brand name does not constitute an advertisement for the respective company. www.eugenpopa.com does not assume responsibility and cannot be blamed for damages caused by using the content of the site.


3.Exemption from liability


Pro Success does not guarantee that the site, the servers on which it is hosted, or the e-mails sent from www.eugenpopa.com are free of viruses or other computer components with a potentially harmful character, that it does not contain errors, omissions, defects, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, line drops or any other similar factors. The user uses the site at his own risk, www.eugenpopa.combeing free of any liability for any direct or indirect damage caused by using or accessing / visiting the site or as a result of using the information on the site.


Pro Success is not responsible for errors or omissions that may occur in the drafting or presentation of materials on the site.


www.eugenpopa.com reserves the right to cancel Orders for Products and Services that are displayed on the site due to technical errors, or which, due to technical errors, have obviously erroneous / derisory prices for products (prices that may be consider as erroneous / derisory any buyer with an average level of preparation).


www.eugenpopa.com, as the organizer of the promotional campaigns, does not assume responsibility for the loss or damage of the campaign voucher, is not responsible for counterfeit or damaged vouchers and reserves the right to cancel the voucher used for purchase or to reduce its value from the amount to be reimbursed, in case of return according to the law, of a product participating in the respective campaign.


Any links to other sites are provided only for the purpose of increased accessibility of information, and wwwhypnosismasters.com does not assume any responsibility or liability for the content of these sites, for products or services promoted or marketed through these sites.


4.Site access limit


The users of the site www.eugenpopa.com can make comments and any other communications, they can send suggestions, questions or information, if their language is civilized, and the content of the communications is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not disturb in any way. the privacy of other persons, does not infringe intellectual property rights, does not contain viruses, does not serve promotional campaigns unrelated to www.eugenpopa.com, is not mass emails or any other form of spam. Persons who will use a false e-mail address or send electronic messages or any other communications on behalf of another natural or legal person or on behalf of any other entity will be reported to the competent bodies.


www.eugenpopa.com does not assume responsibility and will not be liable for any damages for any damages caused by such communications.


In case of sending or displaying materials / documents involving texts, replies, reviews, etc., formulated by Users, it is considered that the User guarantees their originality and grants www.eugenpopa.com and its affiliates / associates the non-exclusive, unlimited, free, irrevocable and retransmissible to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, as well as the right to distribute, present this content anywhere in the world, by any means. The user guarantees that he has all the rights over the content that he displays or transmits on the site, in any way, so that, by using this content, he does not cause harm to any third party natural or legal entity.


5.Registration as a User


To create an account on the website www.eugenpopa.com, the User is required to use a valid e-mail address. www.eugenpopa.com may refuse the application for registration in situations where it finds that it has used information inconsistent with reality or uses the services in a manner inconsistent with normal usage.




The final price paid by the Customer consists of the price of the product + the related shipping and / or collection costs.


All prices for products and services sold through the site www.eugenpopa.com are expressed in Lei and include VAT


When registering on the platform, the Client will pay by bank card the amount displayed on the site. The payment of the monthly subscription is recurrent from the bank card inserted at registration. The card can be changed at any time by the customer from his account.


The customer can unsubscribe at any time by closing his account. The steps can be found on the Help page on the platform or you can request support at contact@putereamintii.ro.




By completing the Order, the Customer guarantees that all data provided are real and correct, otherwise it could bear the consequences of these errors (Delayed order, incorrectly transmitted, etc.).


www.eugenpopa.com cannot be held responsible for incorrectly entered information, which may result in delivery delays. In this context, all transport fees incurred in order to resend the Order will be borne by the Customer.


By completing the Order, the Customer agrees that a representative of www.eugenpopa.com to contact him by any available means agreed by the Parties (e-mail / phone) for personal confirmation of the Order.


In the case of orders with delivery from our own stock, their confirmation will be made within at least 48 working hours from their registration on the site.


For orders containing products with a delivery time of more than 5 days, the confirmation of the order will be made within a maximum of 5 days from its placement on the site.


www.eugenpopa.com may refuse an Order following a prior notification addressed to the Customer, without any obligations between the parties and without a party being able to claim damages, for the following situations:


  • failure / invalidation of the online transaction


  • non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Client’s card / transaction


  • incomplete or incorrect Customer data


  • the Client’s activity may cause damage to the site www.eugenpopa.com


  • consecutively failed deliveries


  • other objective reasons: if the Customer does not guarantee that the method of payment is valid and that it is not obtained through a fraudulent method or there are suspicions about the method of payment


Even if it has taken all the measures so that the information presented on this site is accurate and correct, www.eugenpopa.com cannot be responsible for inaccuracies that may appear in the completion by the Customer of the forms on the site to complete the Order. Users are responsible for assessing the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information provided in the forms available on this site.


In certain situations and for justified reasons, www.eugenpopa.com reserves the right to modify the quantity of the Goods and / or Services in the Order. In these situations, www.eugenpopa.com will notify the Customer at the e-mail address or telephone number provided to the Seller when placing the Order and will return the amount paid.


If a Good and / or Service ordered by the Customer cannot be delivered by www.eugenpopa.com, we undertake to inform the Customer of this fact and to return to the Customer’s account the value of the Good and / or the Service, within maximum 14 working days from the date on which www.eugenpopa.com became aware of this fact or from the date on which the Client expressly expressed his intention to terminate the Contract.


8.Billing – payments


The price, payment method and payment term are specified in the Order. The Seller will issue to the Customer an invoice for the delivered Products and Services, the Customer’s obligation being to provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice in accordance with the legislation in force. Payment can be made online (bank card), bank transfer or cash on delivery.




For all product categories, the maximum delivery time is 30 days from the date of order confirmation.


For Customers Abroad, the final price of the Order will be communicated by e-mail or telephone, and delivery will be made after the explicit acceptance of this price.


If the products are unavailable (including if the price or some characteristics of the products have changed after the confirmation of the Order), Pro Success will inform the Client about unavailability and the amounts he has paid will be refunded within 14 days. The customer can confirm the changes regarding the price and characteristics of the products, thus modifying the initial Order, and Pro Success will deliver the products according to the Order thus modified.


Careful! During Black Friday and other public holidays or discount periods, the delivery time of orders may be delayed even longer than the minimum of 48 hours, but this of course will not exceed the legal delivery time of up to 30 days. on the date of Order Confirmation.


9.1 Delivery conditions


At the request of www.eugenpopa.com of the Courier, the Customer will prove his identity, if necessary by one or more documents issued by official authorities and will communicate the Order number assigned by the Seller.


If the Customer is unable to receive the Order in person, the Order will be left at the specified address only to a person over 18 years of age and only in the case of communication to the Courier, the number of the Order.


No request for delivery of an Order will be honored if the Customer does not meet the above conditions.


In case of delivery to the Customer’s workplace, in which case the Courier cannot have access to the respective location, the Customer must ensure that he can receive this Order. The customer will be contacted by phone by the Courier in advance to obtain confirmation of his presence at the address and time selected when validating the Order on the site.


The customer undertakes to be present at the indicated delivery address, within the selected time interval, otherwise he will incur the transport fee related to a possible new delivery. The time interval may be changed, after selection, only with the consent of the Courier. The delivery is considered to be fulfilled by www.eugenpopa.com, at the time of delivery of the Ordered products to the Customer at the address selected by him at the time of placing the Order.


9.2 Receipt of products


The customer undertakes to sign the delivery note (AWB) presented by the Courier upon delivery of the ordered products, to which is attached the tax receipt containing all the information about the delivered products (product name, quantity, price). The Customer will also check if the products are damaged or if there are deficiencies when receiving the order, and any problems will be mentioned in handwriting on the delivery note, in order to be taken into account.


By signing the delivery note, the Customer acknowledges the receipt in good condition and in full of the Ordered products.


9.3 Digital products


The digital products are sent only in electronic format (on the e-mail address specified in the Order), so they are not presented in the form of physical products to be delivered to the Customer. Payment for digital products is made exclusively online (bank card, bank transfer), cash on delivery is not possible.


To the extent that the Customer has received a valid download link, in accordance with the Order placed on the site, it will be considered that the service that www.eugenpopa.com has undertaken to provide has been fulfilled and accepted by the Customer. The download links provided to the Customer cannot be withdrawn once they have been sent.


If the Customer purchases a digital product that is not compatible with the device and / or this incompatibility is publicly specified on the site, it will not be possible to return the value of the products as long as the Customer has been delivered a valid download link that works.


10.Promotional campaigns


10.1 Promotional codes


The promotional codes offered by www.eugenpopa.com through any promotions are valid exclusively for the section mentioned in the code transmission e-mail or through the pop-up ads on the site, unless otherwise specified. Promotional codes can only be used when placing the Order, they cannot be used to reduce the value of the Order after it has been placed.


Only one promotional code can be used in an Order. The Order page does not allow the use of multiple codes in the same Order. For eligibility for a promotion, the value of the transport is not taken into account, unless otherwise specified. Promotions aimed at free or reduced shipping costs apply to each delivery.


If a promotional code has been applied in an Order that could not be honored or has been canceled for any reason, the Customer has the right to request the reactivation of the respective promotional code exclusively in writing, through a message sent via pagain www .putereamintii.ro / contact, containing the Order ID, its status, the Customer’s name and the promotional code.


Careful! The promotions on www.eugenpopa.com do not cumulate with each other, the biggest discount is applied. This applies to any form of discount (cards or loyalty codes, promotional codes, gift vouchers, percentage discounts on the site, etc.) as a rule, unless otherwise stated in the promotion. Also, in the case of the existence of percentage vouchers, the holder of such a voucher cannot benefit from the cumulative reduction conferred by the application of the percentage voucher to the discount already existing in a promotion. Certain promotional campaigns do not combine with other discounts, promotions or loyalty actions. This is specified in the respective campaign regulations.


10.2 Interruption of the promotional campaign


In case of a promotional campaign organized by www.eugenpopa.com, he, as organizer, reserves the right to interrupt the promotional campaign at any time during its development.


The organizer reserves the right to change any of the conditions set out in the campaign regulations during the campaign, for good reasons, but not before notifying the public about these changes.


10.3 Vouchers / coupons / promo codes


10.3.1 General provisions


Voucher = promotional code, promotional coupon.


Each voucher is identified by a voucher code and has various requirements to be valid and applicable. Please check all the details and information on the voucher carefully so that the discount can be granted.


The value of each voucher is specified on it.


Shipping and handling fees apply to any product purchased, regardless of value unless otherwise provided in promotions, regulations, etc. Thus, if a voucher imposes a certain minimum purchase value of some products, transport taxes, handling, etc. it also applies to these products. A voucher cannot be used to pay taxes, delivery charges, handling or other services, unless otherwise agreed.


Any item, regardless of the promotion, will have a minimum value, Pro Success cannot sell products with zero value. The client will pay the tax to which he is obliged by law depending on the promotion. Vouchers are valid only if they are used on the website www.eugenpopa.com


Vouchers prohibited by law will be considered void.


Vouchers are not intended for resale and cannot be converted into cash.


Vouchers cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen or destroyed.


All the provisions regarding fraud, mentioned on the website www.eugenpopa.com are fully applicable regarding the fraud related to vouchers and attempted fraud will be notified to the competent bodies.


10.3.2 Conditions of application


Each voucher is limited to a single use and is valid for a limited period of time, as stated in the relevant Terms and Conditions, in the voucher offer email and in the user account section “vouchers”, or as mentioned in each promotion / offer separately. Pro Success reserves the right to modify or cancel these vouchers at any time, with prior notice to customers.


No vouchers can be applied to other promotions / offers except those strictly mentioned in that offer.


If the products for which the voucher was awarded and for which the customer qualified for the promotion were not purchased, the voucher cannot be used. For example, vouchers granted for certain products that are subsequently canceled or returned by the customer cannot be considered valid, as they only take effect if the discount is applied to those products that have been paid for.


The voucher only applies to products / categories expressly mentioned as eligible in the promotion. Products that are excluded from the promotion are communicated in the Terms and Conditions or in certain regulations or special offers in the “exceptions” section. These exceptions include products that by law cannot be sold at a discount.


Promotional offers cannot be combined in the same order. Only one discount voucher can be used per order. In the case of orders containing more than one product, the value of the discount voucher is allocated to each product depending on the weighted value of that product out of the total value of the order, excluding shipping, handling and other services.


Any voucher will be valid from the date of its application as a discount on the order already placed. A voucher cannot be applied to an order placed in the past.


10.3.3 Cancellation, refusal, return of order


In case of return of the products purchased with a voucher, the discount granted may be deducted from the return value.


If an order to which a discount has been applied by voucher is canceled, rejected or returned in full, the customer will be refunded in full the amount paid and the voucher will lose its validity and can not be reactivated.


If an order to which a voucher discount has been applied and contains several products is canceled, rejected or partially returned, the discount granted by applying the voucher cannot be applied to the other products remaining in the order if the value of the order does not comply with the offer / promotion. www.eugenpopa.com will not return the value allocated from the voucher for canceled, rejected or returned products that are part of an order with multiple products. The customer will be refunded the amount paid by him for the products.


10.4 Campaigns with a gift product


In order to benefit from the gift product, the total value of the products purchased by the Customer must reach the minimum threshold of 99 RON (courier fees are included in the services category). If the total value of the products does not reach this threshold, the gift product will not be available.


Any promotion that offers a gift product is limited to 1 GIFT PRODUCT offered during the campaign period per natural or legal person (identified as customer / user / user), regardless of the number of orders registered by a natural or legal person during the period in which campaign is in progress.


In case of identified fraud situations, www.eugenpopa.com reserves the right to suspend the accounts thus created and to withdraw the benefits related to ongoing promotions or offers, to cancel orders without notice, notice, other formalities or compensation.


Also, if an order to which a gift product has been offered is rejected or returned in full, the customer is obliged to return the gift product in its original condition, undamaged and unsealed.


Assignment and subcontracting


The Seller may assign and / or subcontract a third party for Services related to the fulfillment of the Order. The Seller will always be liable to the Buyer for all contractual obligations.


Return policy. Right of withdrawal


12.1 General conditions


The customer undertakes to notify www.eugenpopa.com of his intention to return the purchased products, through the contact form on www.eugenpopa.com/contact.


In any case of return of the products, they must be in the same condition in which they were sent to the Customer. The returned products must be in the same condition as upon receipt: without defects (except for hidden defects and except for defects already reported by the Customer in correspondence with www.eugenpopa.com).


In accordance with the law in force, www.eugenpopa.com reserves the right not to accept the return of products that, by their nature, cannot be returned (digital products).


12.2. Return on DOA (Dead on arrival)


In the event that the purchased product is inoperative or has manufacturing defects, it will be replaced by a functional product, provided that it is notified in writing within 48 hours of receipt of the product.


12.3 Money back terms


For full returns of orders, the Customer receives the money for the returned products and the cost of transport initially paid within 14 calendar days from the date on which www.eugenpopa.com is informed by the customer about his decision to return the products.


After validating the return, the customer can receive, at choice, the value of the products in the form of a value coupon that can be used within 30 days from the date of confirmation of receipt of the return by www.eugenpopa.com. After this date the coupon loses its validity.