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How to Hypnotize Someone Easily Learn how to hypnotise someone very easily


How To Hypnotize Someone Easily

Learning how to hypnotize someone is very easy and you can already do it right now!
The key is to be able to excite and grab the attention of the person you want to hypnotize!

We have all been hypnotized several times in our lives as well as we hypnotized others. How? Very simple!
Every time you tell a story, you are actually inducing your listener into a state a trance.

Sadly, many people have the wrong idea about hypnosis and think of it more like some sort of magic or sorcery than a tool for help, healing, and growth.

Hypnosis is not magic but can have magical results. It works at the deepest level of the mind and psyche and the transformations achieved with its help are often long-lasting.


Here are a few words that you can use instead of hypnosis:
– enthralled,
– entranced
– absorbed
– sucked in
– engulfed
– consumed
– excited
– passionate
– mesmerized
– fascinated
– spellbound
– compelled

Therefore, the best way to hypnotize someone easily is to tell them a story.

Stories activate several areas of our brains whereas plain facts and numbers engage only a few. That is the reason why most people are bored to death when it comes to data only.

However, if you mix data with metaphors, you can generate amazing stories that grab people’s attention and spark their imagination.
That is trance!
That is a form of hypnosis!

This ability to help people through stories was taken to the next level by arguably, the most famous modern-day hypnotist, Milton Erickson.

Milton was the champion of healing through stories and has helped many people throughout his career by hypnotizing them easily with stories.

This is also my recommendation to you, especially if you are a beginner in hypnosis: learn how to use metaphors, comparisons, and create stories.
In those stories, introduce the suggestions you would like to give.
This works especially well if you want to help other people.

Our brains are wired for stories. We heard them since our early childhood and they influenced our lives in every single way.
That is why it is so easy to hypnotize people by telling them stories.

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