Visiting Brazil 2014 – International Coaching Conference

Eugen Popa - Brazil Trip 2014

A few months ago, I would have never dreamed of going to Brazil. Sure, I thought about it passingly and said to myself it would be great if I could get there once in my life, but never had thought that it would happen so fast!
One day, I was approached online by someone who has now become a really good friend and partner, Paulo Almeida, who asked if I would be interested to come to Brazil and participate in an International Coaching Congress organized by him at UNA University in Belo Horizonte.
I was both happy and excited, humbled and honored by his invitation, as I am every time when someone invites me to their country to share the love and the knowledge.

Truth be told, I was skeptical whether I was going or not until I received an email with my plane ticket. That’s when I thought to myself: “This IS happening”.
Five days later, I was boarding my plane, taking off to meet my destiny in Belo Horizonte.

Eugen Popa - Brasil Trip 2014 International Coaching Congress 2As I landed, I was welcomed by a wonderful welcome committee, namely Paulo, Paula and Wolfgang! What a crazy bunch!! We had a 1/2 hour drive to the hotel and I got the chance to see a little bit of Belo Horizonte, a city of 5 Million people!

We arrived at the hotel right accross from UNA University’s campus and very close to a really beautiful park whose name I cannot recall right now. Paulo insisted it is not a park but a square.Eugen Popa - Brasil Trip 2014 3
Regardless, as I got into my room finally, I reached for a bottle of water in the fridge only to find it stuffed with some really yummy local local goodies! These people know I love fruits! 🙂

Then visited a few class at the University where gave a short introduction to students about the programs we were presenting: SleepTalk and Dunstan Baby Language as well as Subliminal Therapy and other coaching programs.

Next day, we went on a bit of a sightseeing and encountered some of the most fiered up football fans (that is soccer for you, american readers out there) you can ever imagine. It was 2 hours before the game and they were already partying and celebrating.


Next day, was the first day at the Congress. It was pretty intense, with lots of people interested in the subjects presented and ready and eager to learn. The room was packed!
Every day of the weekend I was either teaching  in a class, or presenting in the large auditorium. What can I say.. I love my “job”!


As we approached the end of the weekend, we made plans to go to a football game and that was again, lots of fun! A great way to end this great journey to Brazil.
We watched Cruzeiro and I was sitting right next to the ‘tifosi’ who didn’t even blink when their team was one down in the first 3 minutes of the game. It was like nothing happened! They kept on shouting and singing and screaming and jumping!

Next morning, on Monday, I had to leave. I was sad to leave behind this amazing experience and at the same time grateful for the amazing moments I shared with my new friends!
Paulo and his team are probably the best hosts I have encountered and I am feeling truly blessed for their company and everything they offered.
We were already talking about coming back next year, and I couldn’t be happier if that were to happen!

Thank you all for an amazing time! Thank you Brazil!