Raja Yoga Workshop – June 2014

In June 2013, together with my friend and mentor Swami Vivekananda Saraswati we presented the first Raja Yoga Workshop at Agama International School in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

The whole workshop was very intense and it steadily grew and developed during the 5 days as we delved deeper into meditations, hypnosis sessions, physical and breathing exercises.
Each day we learned something new, uncovered more mysteries of our minds and realized that the only limits are those set by ourselves.


Please read the testimonials of some of the participants and see the images from the workshop.

I am so greatful for all these unique, amazing and powerful techniques […] Change the destiny of my life and reprogam everything. WOW! Thank you!
It was Perfect!

I found the Raja Yoga workshop very useful and I was able to integrate the teachings in my life easily. I greatly enjoyed the mix of Eugen and Swami and I am grateful to have this experience.
The drop-finger technique, Buddhi Tattva Shakti, Vikusak and Shambala and the Tara Meditation were great for me!

I realized that beliefs are a command at the level of the being. The value of noticiing the quality of my self-hypnosis is and will be PROFOUND!
Thank you Eugen.

Fascinating what you can do in the Control Room! I fell I’ve gained so much for my spiritual practice. Experienced the different bodies, went into an amazing lucid dream by changing things in the Control Room.

Personally, I consider Raja Yoga Workshop, beside the “Art of Dying” and the “Metaphysics” to be the most important workshop for me!
It went unexpected deep! This combination of Raja Yoga and Hypnosis is brilliant and very much resonating with me. Thank you for offering that!

The Raja Yoga Workshop has opened my mind to the power of my mind. It has shown me how I can develop both physically and spiritually in very powerful ways. It has benefited me greatly in my personal life and I have to continue the practices to bring me to a better place mentally and spiritualy.
I enjoyed the Control Room the most, as it allowed me to have control over every aspect of my being and allowed me to be the person I want to be with great belief that when I am improving the changing is real! The fact that you can make yourself any way you want to be, physcailly and spiritually (along with additional practices) is extremely powerful.

This workshop was fantastic! I Loved it! It has inspired me to learn hypnotherapy!

Now I know I’m not nuts! I have to change many things in my life (smoking addictions). I feel much more better and I found the techniques & resources I needed to practice my spirituality.Self-hypnosis sessions helped me a lot to establish a deeper and much smoother transition between my conscious and subconscious mind.
The Shambala meditation with a preparation of trance was Amazing! It was a peak experience for me!

If you would like to know more about this workshop please find its full description HERE.

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