Hipnoza-Judiciara-Eugen-Popa-Interview-with-Marx-Howell-forensic-hypnosisMarx Howell is the presiden of International Society for Investigative and Forensic Hypnosis and one of the most experienced professionals in the field. In his more than 30 years in the service of Texas Public Safety Department where he started as a patrool officer and advanced all the way to Police Inspector, Marx has been part of many operations and experiences. When his superior asked him to be part of a comission board investigating the use of hypnosis in police work and investigations, he had the usual reaction people have, scoffing at the idea and considering hypnosis to be a bunch of woo woo stuff.

However, when he started looking closer into it, it felt more like a veil lifting and it all started to make more sense, realizing in the end that hypnosis is more like an underexploited gold mine. He needed to study more in depth so he went to LA and studied with late Dr. Marting Reiser, author of Handbook of Investigative Hypnosis. As he learned more about hypnosis and started to apply it, he become more experienced and then, during a period of 5 years, between 1975 – 1980, along with other officers they used hypnosis in more than 1300 cases. In about 1000 of them hypnosis has lead to uncovering more information, even though not all the information discolsed has had any impact on the ivestigation.

After his retirement from the force, Marx continued to train and teach other officers and hypnosis professionales interested in this use of hypnosis. In this interview, we have the great opportunity to here the man himself talk about investigative and forensic hypnosis, sharing with us his experience and knowledge.

Thank you Marx again, for this great opportunity

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